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Development Company is a parent company for over 100 other services such as Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Web Development, Enterprise Solutions, Business Development, Real Estate Development and more.

App Development Company

We build Web and Mobile apps in Angular, React, Vue, AWS, Google Cloud and all the latest tech.

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"I got in touch with them in early 2017, and I never needed another hand for my technology needs. ”
Brady Johnson, C-Level Officer at multiple companies


Angular Development Company

We have a specialized Agency for Angular Development. You can Hire an Angular team or Hire Angular Developers.

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About Development Company

We’re a portfolio company providing over 100 services to customers across the US and Europe. We have customers that can vouch for the quality of work we do.

Our aim is to provide an easier platform for our prospective customers to find us easier and at the same time provide more value.

No matter what development service you are looking for, finding the right partner is most important. We’ll keep updating our website with more details and services.

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HTML, CSS, SASS, Angular, React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Serverless, Machine Learning, Microservices and serverless architecture, GraphQL, AWS services, Google cloud platforms, ETL, Firebase and Firestore, Business Intelligence and data analytics, DevOps

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We build cross platform apps using NativeScript, React Native, Ionic and Flutter. Achieve up to 60% code sharing while building a web app.
Tech stack:
NativeScript, Angular, Node.js, Cordova, Firebase and Firestore, MongoDB

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We've been building custom web applications for startups and enterprises for over 5 years now. We offer full-cycle web development services — from R&D to engineering to software testing to support.

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